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高三完形填空解析People often ask me how I write with four children

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People often ask me how I write with four children.
More often than not, my stories are pieced together, written, and edited in a series of 36 moments. If I’m working while the kids are home, I have the added 37 of tuning out their chaos. I’ll write and write until I fall under a spell, and just when I was getting 38 , it happens—Camille will 39 into my office wearing a big smile—and a smelling diaper (尿布).
I wish I had a daily 40 , a solid time no one can interrupt, but I don’t. I may go days or even weeks without writing. I hate these 41 , but much as I like to believe the world needs my writing, my daughters need me much more. So for now I write when I can. While this arrangement works, I sometimes 42 how productive I’d be if my life wasn’t stop-and-go. With time on my side, I could be a writing machine, 43 at once what would normally take me months.
This leads me to a question I find 44 to all parents: Do kids hold back or 45 our dreams? Children are needy by nature, and regardless of how much 46 we show them, they want more. By the time we tend to them, we’re tired out—and 47 in the mood to follow our dream. They push our personal pleasures 48 and slow us down, making tortoises out of hares.
On the other hand, children add a richness to our lives that I believe inspires better work, thus 49 for time we lose. As a writer, I don’t find inspiration sitting at my computer. 50 , I find it when I’m out living, and the 51 I take because of my children—going to the ballpark, birthday parties, even doctor visits—put me in 52 with people who constantly set off new ideas. Many ideas arise through 53 conversation, which can 54 me like thunder. Immediately, I’ll make a mental note, knowing that someday I’ll use that 55 in a story.

36.A. quiet B. stolen C. critical D. precious

37.A. courage B. challenge C. instruction D. priority

38.A. direction B. invention C. inspiration D. application

39.A. crawl B. run C. jog D. tiptoe

40.A. habit B. method C. technique D. routine

41.A. breaks B. days C. weeks D. needs

42.A. doubt B. believe C. deny D. wonder

43.A. operating B. working C. accomplishing D. running

44.A. challenging B. remaining C. relevant D. controversial

45.A. prevent B. inspire C. awake D. interpret

46.A. attention B. effort C. concentration D. time

47.A. hardly B. practically C. totally D. fairly

48.A. ahead B. back C. aside D. down

49.A. allowing B. turning C. calling D. compensating

50.A. Still B. Instead C. Therefore D. Consequently

51.A. courses B. chances C. risks D. paths

52.A. harmony B. agreement C. line D. contact

53.A. brief B. normal C. casual D. intelligent

54.A. explode B. hit C. destroy D. multiply

55.A. piece B. talk C. scene D. acquaintance

【答案】【知识点】 夹叙夹议文
36.B考查形容词辨析A. quiet安静的;B. stolen被偷;C. critical批判的;D. precious珍贵的;句意:往往,我的故事被拼凑,编写在一系列的挤出来的时间完成。根据语境可知时间被挤出来的,故选B项。
37.B考查名词辨析A. courage勇气;B. challenge挑战;C. instruction说明;D. priority优先;句意:如果孩子在家时我一直工作,这更增加我对于他们吵闹的挑战。根据语境可知选B项。
38.C考查名词辨析A. direction方向;B. invention发明;C. inspiration灵感;D. application申请;句意:当我得到灵感时,突然发生了事情,Camille会带着微笑爬到我的办公室,闻到尿了的尿布,根据语境当作者一有灵感就必然会发生事情,故选C项。
39.A考查动词辨析A. crawl爬行;B. run跑;C. jog慢跑;D. tiptoe踮着脚走;根据下方提到a smelling diaper尿布可知孩子还小,必然是爬着进来的,故选A项。
40.D考查名词辨析A. Habit习惯;B. Method方法;C. Technique技术;D. Routine常规;句意:我希望有个常规,有个固定的时间不被打扰,但我没有。根据a solid time no one can interrupt可知选D项。
41.A考查动词辨析A. breaks打扰,休息;B. days天;C. weeks周;D. needs需要;句意:我这些打扰,但我相信这个世界需要我的写作,我的女儿也需要我。根据提到I may go days or even weeks without writing.可知选A项。
42.D考查动词辨析A. doubt怀疑;B. believe相信;C. deny否认;D. wonder想知道;句意:当这些安排起作用时,我有时想知道如果不被打断我如何变得更有效率。根据语境可知选D项。
43.C考查动词辨析A. operating手术;B. working工作;C. accomplishing完成;D. running跑;句意:时光流逝,我成了部写作机器,立刻完成本来要花几个月的东西。根据句意选C项。
44.C考查形容词辨析A. challenging挑战性的;;B. remaining仍然;C. relevant有关的;D. controversial有争议的;句意:这使我发现一个与父母有关的问题。Relevant to 与。。有关的,故选C项。
45.B考查动词辨析A. prevent阻止;B. inspire鼓励;C. awake醒着;D. interpret解释;句意:孩子会阻挡还是会促进我们的梦想呢?根据句意hold back与inspire是反义词,故选B项。
46.A考查名词辨析A. attention注意;B. effort努力;C. concentration 集中;D. time时间;句意:孩子是天生的,不管我们投入多么的关注,他们想要的更多。根据句意选A项。
47.A考查副词辨析A. hardly几乎不;B. practically实践地;C. totally完全地;D. fairly公平地;句意:到我们照料他们时,我们已经厌倦,并且几乎没心情来继续自己的梦想,根据语境可知照料孩子花很多的时间与耐心,所以我们没有时间来顾及自己的梦想,故选A项。
48.C考查副词辨析A. ahead前面;B. back后面;C. aside旁边;D. down向下;句意:他们把我们个人的乐趣放在一边,让我们减速。Push ..aside把。。放在一边,故选C项。
49.D考查动词辨析A. allowing允许;B. turning 转向;C. calling打电话;D. compensating补偿;句意:另一方面,孩子丰富了我们的生活,鼓励我们更好的工作,因此补偿我们流失的时间。Compensate for sth 补偿某事,故选D项。
50.B考查副词辨析A. Still仍然;B. Instead反而;C. Therefore然而;D. Consequently因此;句意:在生活中和孩子一起去某些场合的路上会找到灵感。根据上一句话提到作为一个作家,有时坐在电脑前找不到灵感,故选B项。
51.D考查名词辨析A. Courses课程;B. chances 机会;C. Risks冒险;D. Paths小路;在生活中和孩子一起去某些场合的路上会找到灵感。根据going to the ballpark, birthday parties, even doctor visits因为要去某此场合,故是在路上,所以选D项。
52.D考查名词辨析A. harmony和谐;B. agreement同意;C. line线;D. contact联系;句意:使人联系上一些能给我想法的人们,根据语境可知因为孩子,所以与人进行联系,故选D项。
53.C考查形容词辨析A. brief简短的;B. normal正常的;C. casual随便的;D. intelligent聪明的;句意:许多的想法会在随意的交流中产生,这会让我突然想起某些东西,根据语境可知选C项。
54.B考查动词辨析A. explode爆炸;B. hit打击;C. destroy破坏;D. multiply增加;句意:许多的想法会在随意的交流中产生,这会让我突然想起某些东西,hit在此是使某人想起的意思,故选B项。
55.A考查名词辨析A. piece片段;B. talk说话;C. scene场景;D. acquaintance相识;句意:立刻我会写成纸条,知道日后会用得上这些片段。根据语境可知作者是作家,故这个片段,所以选A项。